Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus, Raleigh, NC

We are pleased to be tasked with the restoration of a set of stained glass windows for the Diocese of Raleigh's new cathedral. Throughout the process we will be documenting our work on this blog. If you have ever wondered what goes into restoring a set of stained glass windows you can find out here in detail. Below are blog posts describing the glass, the studios who originally made it, and the steps in the restoration process.

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New Video on Stained Glass Removal

We recently shot this video to show a little bit of the removal process and to give you an idea of how the windows looked in their original settings.

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The Windows of Ascension of Our Lord

  The windows below are being removed from Ascension of Our Lord Church and restored for use in the Cathedral of the Holy Name.

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J. M. Kase & Company Art Stained Glass, Reading PA

 Excerpt reprinted here from Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia Saint Joseph’s University Press, 2002, Joseph K. Beyer contributing author. James Melcher Kase (1858-­‐ 1936) established as stained glass business in Reading in 1888. Three of his sons joined the firm, Cryil Edward (1889-­‐1926), Paul G. (1895-­‐1964), and James W. 5 (1905-­‐1975). Paul G., who attended […]

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Paula Balano, Designer of the Ascension Windows

Paula Himmelsbach Balano, Germantown Philadelphia:   Reprinted here from Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia Saint Joseph’s University Press, 2002, Joseph K. Beyer contributing author. Paula Himmelsbach Balano (1877 -­‐1967) was born in Leipzig, Germany, and moved to Philadelphia at the age of two. She attended Drexel Institute and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. […]

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Press for Diocese of Raleigh’s use of Ascension’s windows

ABC did a short feature on the the removal and restoration of Ascension’s windows for Raleigh’s new cathedral. Click the link below to view the story and see the video. The Project has also been covered in the News & Observer of Raleigh. The story there has really spread and was even picked up […]

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The Restoration Process

As the stained glass is removed from Ascension and brought back to Beyer Studio we will restore it panel by panel. The process involves disassembling and reassembling each panel. Every individual piece of glass will cleaned and, if necessary, repaired. New lead will be cut and shaped to serve as the matrix holding the glass and […]


Removal of Windows from Ascension Church in Philadelphia

Below are images from the ongoing removal of stained glass windows at Ascension Church in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. These windows will be restored at the Beyer Studio for use in the Cathedral.