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Eucharist Chapel, Our Lady of Mercy

Potomac, MD

EUCHARIST CHAPEL, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Potomac, MD (Six windows, two still in progress, each 61"w x 82"h)

Behind the main sanctuary altar at Our Lady of Mercy Church, the Eucharist Chapel creates an intimate passage into the daily mass chapel. Six large arched windows, three above three, define the chapel through traditional figurative windows depicting Old and New Testament references to the Eucharist. At the top, the New Testament scenes of the miracle of the loaves and fishes and the Wedding Feast of Cana flank the central scene of the Last Supper. Below, the three Old Testament references include the central scene of Moses and the Israelites gathering manna. This window will be accompanied by two windows in progress of the blessing of Abram by Melchizedek and Elijah in the desert being offered hearth cake and water by an angel. Across the bottom of each window are classical style friezes of small figures. Beneath the New Testament scenes, a procession of people in contemporary dress of all ages and walks of life proceed toward the center window where a priest holds the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance. Beneath the Old Testament scenes, a casual chronology of figures from Adam and Eve to Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac to King Solomon proceed toward the Ark of the Covenant beneath the scene of Moses and the Israelites. Across each frieze an inscription of the corresponding Scriptural text for the large scene above is held by angels at either end. All of the windows are bordered in lush grape vines. These windows employ a variety of traditional glass painting techniques, including extensive use of flesh, gold and amber stains.