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Passion, St. Joseph's Church

Aston, PA

(15'h x 14'w)

This commission challenged traditional design and function concepts about stained glass and provided an opportunity to indulge in purely emotional, abstract design. The architect had designed in a large window behind the altar. The pastor and congregation looked to us for guidance regarding the subject matter. We intuitively recognized that this large expanse of glass should be subservient to the grand scale 110 -year old polychrome crucifix that would stand before it. The theme of the "Passion" was chosen to heighten the drama of the crucifix/sculpture. A color palette cast in a minor key of secondary and tertiary color relationships evokes emotionally the solemnity of these associated events and creates a visual tonal poem background in glass. Whereas some musical compositions have words, this composition relies solely on the melody of line and chords of color to convey the emotions of the passion and death of Christ.