Traditional Stained Glass Modern Stained Glass New Etched Glass Mosaic Restoration Adaptive Reuse Wood Frames

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Beltsville, MD

In this commission, the progressive congregation was looking for a designer who could incorporate recognizable imagery into a contemporary rose design. This design celebrates the story of Genesis in a contemporary gesture. The center and points of the Star of David chronicle the days of creation. Hand blown glass is accentuated with touches of vitreous glass paint. The globe image in the center is achieved by acid etched flash glass backed with a second layer of glass. Ministry & Liturgy Magazine 2000-2001 Visual Art Awards: Bene Award.

An aerial photograph of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed served as the abstract composition for the themes of "Redemption and Nature" in this rose window. At the center of the color map, a dark abyss represents the shroud of Original Sin. From behind this abyss the emerging light of the waning solar eclipse at the time of the Crucifixion represents the Redemption of the world through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. A spiral helix of thorns extends out over the map of color. The helix, a symbol of human life, and the thorns, a symbol of the Redemption, are combined here to demonstrate man's connection to the events of Redemption. The aerial view of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed brings the reasons for and events of Redemption into our time and locality, further reinforcing and revitalizing our connection to God and Creation, to Christ and his Passion and Resurrection and to the Holy Spirit and our faith. With some small effort, the major metropolitan areas of the Chesapeake, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., can be discerned amidst the patchwork of farmlands. The map is centered with Beltsville appearing at the source of the rays of light.